Sunday, April 26, 2009

A new beginning

I'm ready to get this thing rolling, but not quite in the mood to get into "ancient" history so let's focus on the present. My big gaming interest at this time, generally speaking, is the Free-To-Play online genre. This is a huge market that is only just in its infancy here in North America but it is where the future of gaming lies, and actually has quite a successful past in Asian markets. I'll deal with mini-reviews of individual faves of mine but for now... just a quick list.

Primary Games:

(Pay to Play):

Team Fortress 2 - I play this daily and have forever. My favorite game, period.

Unreal Tournament 3 - Another favorite, great for something a bit different from TF2.

(Free to Play):

Runes of Magic - I built up quite a following due to being the first to put together "Addon Packs" while the game was in beta. The game is basically a WoW copy - but a good one. I'm a level-capped Mage/Scout.

Battlefield Heroes - I've been in the CB for quite a while and have multiple 12+ level characters. Fun game that is much better than it first appears.

Free Realms - Got in the GB from day1 and have fooled around with it a but, but not that much really. Level 16 Card Duelist/10 Brawler. Very fun game but a bit below my age group.

Ace Online - played for quite a bit but stopped pretty much, although I do check in daily to grab my loot on both accounts. Unfortunately small community on my server.

Drift City - Just got back into this since the latest update to the graphics engine added some nicer eye-candy and cleared up some corruption issues I was having. I love this game!

S4 League - I'm not playing this much anymore mostly because I get my daily action-fix from TF2

Secondary Games:

Atlantica Online - of course. Need I say more?
Battleforge - Probably not going to work out, but not bad.
Sword of the New World, Perfect World, 2Moons, Requiem, Cabal, Rappelz, Shaiya, Project of Planets.

...actually there is a bit more than just those, but I'll stick with that list for now as being my promary and secondary games right now.

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